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1920 MODEL

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Anatole Baker

Inventiveness, quality, technique and style are the key words that define Anatole Baker.


… Since it is not for us to provide what can already be found elsewhere.


… Since our watches are exclusively built in Switzerland by the country’s finest watchmakers


… Since each of our watches must offer a fair measure of innovation in order to provide exquisite wearing comfort combined with cutting-edge design.


… Since it is essential to us that our watches should possess universal beauty, the non-conceptual beauty, the καλός which, according to Plato, brings us closer to the divine. It is this concept of beauty which is at the heart of all our creation of watches.

Anatole Baker: the finest alchemy between the Parisian Art-deco style of the roaring 20’s and Swiss watchmaking high technology.

Our Savoir-Faire

Entirely made in Switzerland and assembled in Geneva, Anatole Baker watches are manufactured without any compromise to profitability by the most recognized specialists of the Swiss watch industry: Movement from the canton of Vaud and rotor decoration from the canton of Geneva. Case, crown, dial, engravings, sapphire crystal and hands from the canton of Geneva. Stones, bezels and setting from the canton of Berne.

At Anatole Baker “Swiss Made” is no mere foil for “assembled in Switzerland”, it does indeed signify that each and every part of our time-keepers is made and assembled within the heart of the country’s clockmaking industry.

"Even more than aesthetics…. Customization, extreme concern for detail and reliability have been the driving forces guiding us ever since the creation of Anatole Baker."


Our history

Anatole Baker: the finest alchemy between the Parisian Art-deco style of the roaring 20’s and Swiss watchmaking high technology.

Anatole Baker is the product of a five-year collaboration between two Franco-swiss experts in terms of technical development and design aiming at the creation of a watch in which quality, inventiveness, creativity and beauty, in pure Platonic sense, come together in universal and essential harmony.

Every Anatole Baker watch is made of 100% Swiss components assembled in Geneva and comes with a hand-made fully customized wristlet from Atelier du Bracelet Parisien a traditional leather workshop located in the heart of Paris historical centre.

Beautifully elegant and streamlined, the Anatole Baker 1920 watch is simply the finest product of high-end watchmaking in 2020.




Atelier du Bracelet Parisien / ABP Concept

56 Place du marché Saint Honoré

75001 Paris


+33 1 47 03 49 71



Golay Spierer SA

2, rue Saint-Victor

1227 Carouge


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